How To Overlay An Image in Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post, is a very simple way to create a graphic. Whether you use one of the many templates provided by Adobe, or you start from scratch, Spark Post allows anyone to create a beautiful image – whether you have design experience or not. Best of yet – Adobe Spark is available to schools for FREE!

There is one thing that seemed to stump many of the teachers that I work with. Have you ever wondered how to take an image and overlay it onto the background in Adobe Spark Post? Typically when you add an image, Spark will automatically add the image as a second frame. This creates more of a collage, than one image with smaller images sitting on top.

Have you ever wondered how to take an image and overlay it onto the background in Adobe Spark Post? Fortunately it’s very easy. In order to add an image as an overlay two things need to happen

1. Remove the background of an image

By “background” I mean the white part surrounding the image. This is easy to do if you have the right photo editing program. Depending on the platform you use, there probably is a problem installed on your desktop. But if you use a mobile app or phone you’ll need to download a specific app.

However, I have found that a site a SUMO PAINT should do the trick. It should allow you to make the white part of the background transparent.

2. Save the file as a PNG with transparent space around the image.

Once your background is removed, make sure to save the file in a PNG format. This will preserve the transparency. If you save it as a JPEG file after removing the background, by default, it will color the transparent part white again.

Now when you go back into Spark Post, you can add the new PNG image. It should appear as an overlay where you can move anywhere.

That’s it!


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