Does Adobe Spark For Education Live Up To Expectations?

One year ago at BETT 2018, Adobe revealed their plans for a new version of Spark, exclusively for educators and students.  Christened as Adobe Spark For Education, the company announced that it would be making their $120 premium service free for all K-12 and Higher Education Institutions


5 “Old-School” EdTech Tools That Still Have Value

Can something 10 years-old be considered “old school?” Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but when you consider the rapid change within education technology, a decade can sometimes can seem like a lifetime.  For example, think back to technological resources and hardware you used with your students ten years ago  There’s a good chance … Continue reading 5 “Old-School” EdTech Tools That Still Have Value

Has The 1:1 Classroom Killed The Interactive Whiteboard? 

When I first started teaching in 2006, I loved my SMART Board.  And if you taught about a decade ago, chances are you probably did too – with very good reason!  Back then, standard tools for instruction in your classroom probably consisted of things like chalk boards, overhead projectors, or VCR/TV Combos.   While the “digital … Continue reading Has The 1:1 Classroom Killed The Interactive Whiteboard?