PODCAST 002: The Rise of Swivl. The Fall of Recap. The Comeback of Synth.

This edition of EdTech Stories features 3 different properties from one company – Swivl.  After failing to secure investment in 2010, Brian Lamb and Vlad Tettlebaum launched The Swivl Robot.  Their success in serving the education community, led them down a path to develop the student video platform known as Recap.  

However, due to a number of circumstances including the rise of the website Flipgrid, Recap ultimately was shut down. Why did this happen?  And as a result, Swivl is attempting to take the lessons they’ve learned from Recap to develop a new podcasting platform named Synth. This episode is called “The Rise of Swivl. The Fall of Recap. The Comeback of Synth.”

This episode features commentary from:

Guest Links


  • Theme – “Invincible” by Def Kev (No Copyright Sounds)
  • “Howling” by Gunner Olson (YouTube Audio Library)
  • “Awaken” by Anno Domini Beats(YouTube Audio Library)
  • “Space Navigator” by Sarah The Instrumentalist (YouTube Audio Library)
  • “Memory Card Full” by Birocratic (YouTube Audio Library)
  • “Orange Foot” by Dan Hening
  • “Pluck It Up” by Dan Hening
  • “Melissa” by Eveningland
  • “Let’s Go Home” by Jeremy Blake

The following music was licensed through a Creative Commons NonCommercial 4.0 license.  Thank you to The Blue Dot Sessions. You can find their music at http://sessions.blue.

  • “Vinyl Couch” by The Blue Dot Sessions
  • “Gotta Find Out” by The Blue Dot Sessions
  • “Rodney Skopes” by The Blue Dot Sessions

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